Technology to support your HR team

Arkris allows you to offload repetitive tasks, so HR teams can
provide a more personalized, high-touch experience to
employees. Improving the employee experience and getting
time back for strategic initiatives.

HR teams receive about 500 queries a day over email, chat
and in-person, addressing each of these queries individually is
a tedious task. Arkris gives support teams time back to work
on strategic processes that help companies grow.

Empower employees

Saves your HR team time and empowers employees
with automated answers to their most pressing
questions. We created an automated management
solution for HR.

Employees can create and share requests on Slack, MS
Teams, and web; user profiles pull from your current
system - identify the employee department, manager
and location. You easily collect answers and track
to-do’s in one place.

Identify and reduce routine work

Arkris keeps employees engaged and increases their
productivity time. AI gives the best answers based on
user behavior, and your company’s knowledge base.

No matter where you work, there will always be a few
unforeseen inquiers that fall under the responsibility of
your HR team. Ensure that all situations are worked
seamlessly and efficiently with the assistance of Arkris.

An easier solution for HR

HR teams use a tool for every process, but having
different tools for different processes is knowledge
fragmentation. The HR automated solution helps to
defragment your team’s knowledge.

When you use an automated solution to accept
requests and document knowledge, you can link to
assets in various tools, letting your team and your
company’s employees find all of the information they
need from a single and central source.

Analytics your stakeholders will appreciate

You’ll get data on request trends, so you can analyze
workload by team member, and request by

We understand how important it is for HR teams to
quantify their work. For richer analysis, export core
requests data via CSV, or use our REST API to pull
metrics into your data tool of choice.

Route to human

Employees are confused when automated answers
aren’t sufficiently clear and it’s not easy to get
immediate additional help.

Company knowledge is uniquely integrated with a
full-stack HR automated system, and unresolved
questions are automatically escalated to the
appropiate people. This closed loop ensures knowledge
stays up to date and requests are tracked and resolved.

About arkris

We love seeing our
customers shine

Our world-class Customer Support team supports larger clients with quarterly
deep dives into workflows, ongoing training, and deeper insights.

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We built our platform with robust and scalable architecture so your teams and employees.


Increase company productivity
up to 40%. Arkris answers
questions for you, HR teams
spend less time answering
repetitive questions and refering
people to existing

Build a database

Arkris is built to be used by the
whole company, it helps you
share, collect, optimize, and
distribute knowledge as your
company grows.


Employees don’t need to
perform complex searches to
find what they are looking for, ask
questions where they are already
working, and get answers
instantly without interrupting HR.
Freeing HR team up to focus on
task that truly make a difference.

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