A modern way to build
trust and confidence with
candidates through natural &
dynamic conversation

Conversational AI assistant & matching system helps
organization teams make more accurate, and efficient hiring
decisions. Everything you need to build a better workplace

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Ideal HR

Arkris AI platform screens candidates that would be a great fit for the new job, make the pre-hire
process smarter and more aligned to company’s needs

Role specific screening and

Automating repetitive and
time-consuming tasks in the recruitment
workflow - such as resume screening which
takes excessive time from recruiters,
enlarges the recruitment cycle.

Arkris adoption imporves recruiment. In two
important dimensions; time to hire reduction
and completion rate increase, the AI-based
automation of the matching process helps
both. The AI assistant can answer thousands
of questions simultaneously, recruiters can
spend less time on repetitive tasks.

Automate Communication &

#simplify #work Help your candidates be the best
through autmated solutions which allow you to have
smooth and regular communications with them. Your
most frequently asked questions and automating
them boosts candidate engagement and pushes the
job seeker to convert from the curiosity stage to a
commitement stage.

Presents the employer a shortlist and speeds up the
process to the interview stage much quicker
compared to traditional methods.

Interview experience

Provide a seamless and smooth
interview experience by sending out
useful information

Screenning chat

Highlights the skills detected in the CV’s that
match with the job position

Job calibration

Fast, accurate matching of CVs with jobs,
helps to find needle in a haystack


Engage and increase retention rates learn
about their health, and gather insights into
how to improve candidates experience

Improve conectivity across
the oganization

Automating one of the fundamental
steps of the recruitment process -
candidate matching using AI, recruiters
have more time to concentrate on other
tasks, namely those that imply cognitive
skills and emotional inteliigence.

At the same time, the recruitment
process runs smoother and faster, which
increases the engagement of candidates,
optimizing your candidate’s journey and
significantly reduce your candidate
acquisition costs.


And more...

Power your recruting team with matching dynamic recruting conversation systems

Fit Your Business

Our features are customizable
to suit your company's world of

Customer Training

We answer you at any
questions, get personal support
from our experts via phone,
email, or live chat.

Security compliance
and GDPR

We adhere to industry leading
standards for security, privacy
and compliance.


Why us?

AI assistant & employing software assessments creates a more efficient hiring
process. Make an excellent hiring achievable to companies of all sizes.

Arkris is building a conversational AI chatbot, provide interactive and reliable
assessment solutions that meet your needs to improve the hiring process.

Increase efficiency through customized automated machine learning
algorithms which predict with accuracy new hire performance and replace
the traditional HR process with a new industry standard of selection.

We support our customers to identify the top suited candidates to hire, build
stronger and more collaborative teams, improve productivity and
performance, reduce bias and identify best future leaders.

The new hiring process with Arkris consists of 3 main steps:

1. Screening candidates' job skills made objectively by a AI assistant
2. Provide a filtered shortlist and engaging skills tests to select best fit talent
3. Your AI assistant automatically filtering out best candidates to interview

We make a nice work to solve the biggest HR challenges that companies
face – from manual sourcing to manual assessment through manual

Arkris enhances the HR workers’ capabilities with AI automation and
augmentation, encouraging them to take faster and more accurate decisions
based on trusted data.

Our software is a SaaS solution built on a modern technology. The best
thing: you are always using the latest technology and the best one hiring
process. Make an excellent hiring achievable to companies of all sizes.

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With Arkris you get back the hours which you spent to keep HR tasks like
candidates searching, hiring, and more. You can put more focus on strategy,
innovation, objectives, and other important things.

Works within the modern HR technology ecosystem which make the
difference between a good HR platform and an excellent HR platform.

Our mission is to support development and digitization of HR department
thus get the maximum potential. With our innovative solutions we will allow
the companies to spend more time with and for their employees.

Arkris’s vision is to create a solution where companies are able to build a
digital HR team which will spend more time on strategic work to help the
company grow and improve, and spend significantly less time on operations.
Also support as a common application for candidates, ensuring that
everyone finds their ideal work environment, regardless of where they apply.

By combining a natural language recruiting assistant with reliable
assessment solutions, you speed up your hiring process.


Our team

Our experience and passion are helping build a very efficient HR Platform, we hope to impact the future
of work where the creativity of the team have the potential to significantly improve HR processes in order to increase
efficiency and cost-effectiveness. From HR to the employees, we believe that trusted data has the power to make us all
more strategic, confident and innovative.

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